Office of the Registrar



Registration at the Comanche University of the 49 is a process that includes registering student information on the World Wide Web and leaving feedback for the Dean. Current and new students are eligible to register online. Students are encouraged to use online services for registration.

Online Services

Access to registration and all other online services is not secure. Additionally, all registrations are personally reviewed by the Dean to determine to compliance with registration standards. Registrations found not to be in compliance will be rejected and students may face disciplinary action. On-line registration has been formatted for CU49 and works best with the most recent releases of Netscape and Internet Explorer.

CU49 offers many services through its main Web site at and through CU49 SNAG (Seeing Non-Natives Academically Grow), which provides Web access to the Univeristy's database. Access CU49 SNAG through the main Web site. All registration is conducted using CU49 SNAG.

Registration Time Assignments

Most students are allowed to register at any time during attendance at CU49. Registration is not mandatory, but highly encouraged. Students choosing not to register are considered to be in auditing status.

Registration Standards

The following standards apply:

  • Name, City/State/Country are required
  • Profanity is not allowed
  • Mulitple registrations are not allowed. If further feedback is required either contact the registrar directly at or post messages in the Student Center.

Once the SUBMIT button has been pressed, an e-mail notification will be sent to the registrar to notify him that a regisration has occured. Once reviewed, the registration will be accepted and show up in the CU49 database or it will be rejected and deleted.

Click the CU49 Snag button to access the online registration page.