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About the Department of Culinary Arts

The Culinary Arts Department and associated program options are designed to provide practical hospitality education and experience in the planning , preparation, presentation, and service of  food products.  A significant portion of the program is devoted to laboratory work where students spend time preparing food. Instruction is provided in areas of:   

  • Food Preparation
  • Methods & Techniques
  • Menu Planning
  • Baking & Pastries
  • Short Order Cooking
  • Gourmet Indian Foods 

In addition to food preparation courses, general education and related courses that develop human relations skills, communications, mathematics skills are also offered.

Program Purposes and Objectives 

  • To prepare students to succeed in food preparation positions;
  • To acquaint students with proper handling and storage of food, preparation and methods used in the powwow industry;
  • To develop management skill in menu planning and nutrition (pshhh!);
  • To develop students' abilities differentiate between traditional foods and reservation period foods that have become staples of the powwow diet. In relationship to traditional foods, students will also learn the tribal or regional area they originate in. This historical and cultural context will ensure they learn that not all Native Americans ate buffalo or corn.

Areas of Study

Traditional and Contemporary Foods

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Poultry
  • Vegetables
  • Legumes
  • Rice
  • Bread
  • Fruit
  • Desserts
  • Beverages

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Student Submissions

Students are encouraged to submit their Indian recipe contributions to the Culinary Arts Department. Contributions allow for increased student interaction and provide for a richer learning experience. Please the use the student submission form below to contribute.

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