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The Department of Performing Arts provides the finest comedy and joke telling training at an internationally recognized university. Our program emphasizes the importance of humor in the life of the American Indian. The faculty teach and support native and non-native students who either wish to understand Indian humor or are aspiring powwow emcees. The faculty teaches with a spirit of openness and innovation that encourages the pursuit of the high goal of learning to laugh at ourselves. At CU49, comedy performance majors collaborate with other native studies majors. Innovative collaborations bring students together with powwow emcees, dancers, 49ers, and "just plain folks." Our vibrant and energy-filled department sparkles with the latest in Indian humor often reviewed by major Native American webmasters and featured in primary internet search engines. Students will study collections of Indian humor heard at powwows and sent in by Indian people around the US. They will additionally learn how to debunk the myth of the stoic Indian.

Program Topics

You Could be Indian If...

Corporate Indians

Top 10 Reasons to be an Indian

Lakota Humor

Navajo Humor

Ode to Fry Bread

Misc Indian Humor

Students Submissions

Students are encouraged to submit their Indian humor contribitions to the Perfroming Arts Department. Contributions allow for increased student interaction and provide for a richer learning experience. Please the use the student submission form below to contribute. All submissions will be reviewed by the faculty for their appropriateness.

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