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Other Sites Concerning the Wannabe/NewAger Issue

War Against Exploiters of Lakota Spirituality -- A very important site.  The Lakota aren't gonna take it anymore. Unfortunately their culture and spiritual ways have been exploited, trivialized, and misrepresented more than just about any other tribe. Wanna see how much they like the Newagers and Wannabes? Check it out -- if you dare. Go get 'em guys.

How To Talk New Age -- Everything you wanted to know to start you on your "spiritual journey."

The Temple of the Pan on Light -- Want to be a newager?  Want to become one with the all of the everything? Well go here to become an newager's newager.

Buffalo's Home Page -- Check out his essays. Dealing with the wannabe/newager issue from a historical and logical perspective.



Crazy Crow Trading Post   The best prices and availability for making stuff. Look for my brother Melvin's picture in the catalog. He wishes he still looked that young.


Powwow Information

Denver March Powwow

Council Tree Powwow & Cultural Festival

Northern Colorado Intertribal Pow-Wow Association

Hozhoni Dayz Contest Powwow



Comanche Links

Comanche Tribe of Oklahoma

Comanche Nation Games

Comanche Language and Cultural Preservation Committee

Comanche Literature

Comanche Flutes

Lubbock History Page


Indian Charitable Organizations

American Indian College Fund

Native American Rights Fund

American Indian Heritage Foundation

First Nations Development Institute

Indian Law Resource Center

United National Indian Tribal Youth Inc


Discussion Groups, News, Links, etc.


Other Tribes

Delaware (Lenape) Tribe of Indians: Homepage -- Here are some of my haits. Great people who had a big struggle just to be recognized by the feds as being an Indian Nation.

Turtle Mountain Chippewa

Tlingit National Anthem (Alaska Natives Online)

Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma -- If you must be a Cherokee, please go there to learn a little about the real Cherokee people.

Seminole Tribe of Florida

Makah Nation

Yavapai-Apache Nation

Southern Ute Nation

Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma

500 Nations


Real Indian People

United States Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell -- Even if you don't agree with his politics, you have to admire what he's accomplished.

Native American Religious Freedom -- Laura Brooks (Passamaquoddy) home page. An Indian lawyer? -- No way! Isn't she supposed to be healing the world's problems with her spirituality? You quit the bar Laura - bad Indian, bad Indian. Now go home and be noble and stoic.

Warm Springs Productions, Indian Territory -- Patty Phillips (Delaware) homepage. Worked for NASA, is an entrepreneur, and still manages to keep the ways of her tribe. Get outta here! What will those Indians think of next?

Ronald Roybal's Homepage -- Nominated for two Native American Music Awards for Best Native Flutist of the Year and Best Instrumental Album!

Starrwatcher Online! The Home of Arigon Starr and Native American Alternapop! -- Arrigon Starr is my kind of people. A musician and Beatles fan. It don't get any better than that. Check out some of the sounds from her band's latest CD, Meet the Diva.

Navajo Spaceships, Star Mountain and Rez Memories -- An Online Writing Journal, Prose & Poetry by John Rustywire, Navajo

Native American Association of Germany e.V.(NAAoG) -- Now before you start getting your knickers in a twist (as my British friends used to say), and start calling me a hypocrite or something worse (which I'm sure many of you already have), check this site out. It is run by Indian people and they are doing an excellent job of representing the Native American community to Europe. Some of their goals are:

  • Organizes powwows to give Native Americans living or stationed in Germany the opportunity of meeting other Native Americans and Europeans to dance and sing together, to encourage cultural exchange, and to maintain personal contacts
  • Wants to inform the public about Native American cultures, as they are still practiced today, by inviting the public to powwows, seminars, and lectures
  • Wants to correct any stereotype ideas that are still widespread among Europeans

They are doing things the right way. Hats off to them!


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