Welcome to the Department of Athletics

The mission of the Department of Athletics is to sponsor powwow programs that provide educational and athletic opportunities for all students. The Department of Athletics will execute its mission, as directed by the University's Dean. Furthermore, the Department of Athletics is committed to excellence, integrity, fairness, good sportsmanship, and competitiveness that are consistent with and in support of the mission of the Comanche University of the 49. The Department of Athletics is committed to assisting student-athletes in personal, academic and athletic development. The development of student-athletes is incorporated within the total educational framework philosophies and objectives of the University.

The CU49 Department of Athletics seeks to be a source of pride for the University. In doing so, the Department of Athletics strives to successfully compete at the highest level of powwow competition and to be the best athletics program on the net.

The Department of Athletics is committed to ethical, honest and sportsmanlike behavior in full compliance with all federal and state laws, tribal customs, and powwow rules and regulations.

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