Rick's Powwow Phases



Annoyed Cat

Hobbes Dancing

Scraggly Cat

Sleeping Cat

Sleeping Cat

Sleeping Cat

Sleeping Cat

Sleeping Cat

Hobbes Happy
Can't stand it anymore! Gotta get to Oklahoma. At the powwow. Trying to develop the hybrid "Fancy Straight Dance"

After the 49.

From approximately 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. Get ready to go back to the dance. Repeat phases 2 through 5 for three day powwows. Satisfied once again. I might be able to handle it for another 3 weeks.

cat eating = Eating. It is not a phase unto itself, but rather an ever-present theme at powwows.

Powwow Pics

Here are several pictures of your not-so-humble Dean. I am a Southern Straight Dancer and have placed at several (including a couple of firsts!) powwows throughout Texas and Oklahoma. My proudest achievement was placing second at the Comanche Nation Fair in 1999 (much bigger than any of the ones I placed first at!) Because of different life circumstances, I had not danced since 2001. That was at the Ft. Carson Powwow in Colorado Springs. Now that life has finally settled down to some form of normalcy, I dusted off the dance clothes, shined up the bells, and hit the arena again this year at the Freedom Powwow in Colorado Springs. As soon as I get new pics they will be added (hey, I have long hair again!) Click on the thumbnail to see a full sized pic.

Red Regalia
Comanche "Tuxedo"
Black regalia
Red Regalia -- Colorado Springs Powwow.
The Comanche "Tuxedo". Fredericksburg Intertribal Powwow. (Fredericksburg, TX)
Black Regalia (and before I lost 30 lbs!) -- Colorado Springs Powwow.
Corpus Christi Powwow
Mama and Old Man
From left to right: Larry McCurtain, Terry Tsotigh, and Rick at the Powwow-by-the Sea (Corpus Christi, TX). This picture appeared in Texas Monthly Magazine.
Mama and Old Man Kerchee
The Comanche War Scouts performing color guard duties at the Comanche Nation Fair (Medicine Park, OK). Rick is on the center left in the turquois shirt.


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