People with Keen Indian Names

Indian Names. People seem to like keen Indian names. They're almost like an American Express Card -- don't become an Indian without one. As I have traveled around Indian Country, most people I have met with cool names have come from the northern tribes, though I have met some in Oklahoma. But no matter where I've met these folks, there has always been a common denominator -- the keen name is their surname. I've yet to meet an actual Indian person and have them say, "Well hi Rick, I'm Moonwish Dove Turtle Rock. Don't you have an Indian name too?" The few times I have had someone say, "Hi, I'm Thundering Waters Bear Claw", I instantly become suspicious. Whenever this happens, I always want to say, "Me Tonto. Him Kimosabe. You Wannabe."

Many people have "Indian names" that were given to them by family members or by some tradition. Tribes have their own ways of giving those names. I have one that my father calls me. One day, because of something that I did, he just started calling me this name and it stuck. And no, I'm not going to tell you what it is as it's none of your business. Let that be a lesson for you. If you are meet an Indian person and they give you their name, please don't ask them what their Indian name is. That is considered rude. By the way, you know what name the people call me everyday is? Try it... say Rick. Good, I knew you could.

Here is a listing of a few keen Indian names you may encounter.

Pima names: Santos, White, Hayes, Thomas, Sanchez, Valenzuela, Mikel
Comanche names: Liles, Martinez, Plumley, Sovo, Kerchee, Pocowatchit, Cable
Delaware names: Pace, Brown, Baker, Ketchum
Navajo names: Wilson, Begay, Yazzie, Charley

This is certainly not an exhaustive list by any means. I've just listed the last names of a few friends, family, or acquaintances. You know what's even weirder? They all seem to have keen Indian first names too...let's see... Larry, Denise, Charlie, Ike, Mike, Dee, Jim, Joe, Darren, Amanda, Franklin, Sylvio...

Not a Lighting Buffalo Skunk Bird among the lot.


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