Lakota Humor

Custer's Shirt

Q: What kind of shirt was Custer wearing at the Battle of the Little Big Horn?
A: An Arrow shirt


Lakota Cooking

Did you hear about the new cook/exercise  book the Oglala Sioux Tribe has put out? It's called 101 ways to wok a dog!


Lakota Cooking, Part Deux

What did the Sioux say after he had finished his meal? Doggone!


Lakota Cooking, Part Troi

Two boys from Pine ridge go to New York for the first time ever, They are walking and looking in awe, when they see a hot dog stand. They are both hungry, so they decide to try one. After they get all their "fixins" and start to walk away, one says to the other.." Alfred........  What part of the dog did you get?"

Submitted by Jason Mourns Always


Lakota Cooking, Part Quatre

Q: How many Lakota does it take to cook a rabbit?
A: Two. One to boil the water and the other one to run over it with the car.

Submitted by Erin Mitchell


The Pope and the Lakota

One day the Pope invited a Lakota holy man to the Vatican. The pope was showing the Lakota the many rooms and there was one room with a long line of phones. The Lakota noticed the last phone was solid gold. He asked, "What's the deal with the gold phone?" The Pope said, "Oh, that's my hot-line to God." The Lakota said, "Really? Can I try it?" "Go ahead!" so the Lakota picked up the phone and was talking for a few minutes. When he finished, the Pope asked him for some money--for the phone bill-- and the Lakota dug in his jeans pocket and fished out a $20 and gave it to him. Years pass, and the Pope one day asks, "I wonder how my Lakota friend is doing? I must go see him." So on the Pope's next tour of the US, he goes to Pine Ridge, bounces down the rutted dirt road to the Lakota's house. As the Pope goes in, he sees that the entire house is bare but for one table in the center of the room: and in the center of the table there is a cellular phone. The Lakota comes in and they get to talking. The Pope asks, "Say, why do you have a cellular phone?" "Oh, that's my hot-line to God." The pope asks, "Can I use it?" "Sure, go ahead!" So the Pope starts talking on the phone, and DOESN'T stop talking for hours and hours. The Pope finally finished and starts digging into his pockets and says, "How much do I owe you?" "Nothing!" "NOTHING?" "Yeah, its a local call!"


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