Fake Medicine man Jailed, charged again with felony, 45 counts of sexual misconduct alleged

By David Melmer
Indian Country Today

David "Two Wolves" Smith, was sent to jail for violation of parole after sexual misconduct with a minor. Mr. Smith, who claimed to be of American Indian descent, conducted a phony purification ceremony during which he fondled a minor female. He said he may have made a mistake in telling her to wear a swimsuit and that he held her to console her a little longer than he should. While on probation from the earlier conviction, he struck again and faces 45 counts of sexual misconduct, and warrants were issued for his arrest. Bradford County District Attorney's office charged Mr. Smith with 30 counts of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, 10 counts of sexual assault, both felonies; four counts of indecent assault and one count of corruption of minors, both misdemeanors.

In Luzerne County he was accused of violating his probation between December 15, 1995 and January 31, 1996, However, the full battery of charges coining from Bradford County state the offenses occurred over a three and one-half year period with a 12-year-old girl. Mr. Smith headed the "Eastern Intertribal Alliance," a group of people that practiced American Indian type religious ceremonies. No official tribe has recognized Mr. Smith as a member, but he claims to be part Lakota. He has also on occasion, claimed Eastern Delaware, which the federally tribe officially denies. Mr. Smith is not a member of a federally recognized tribe, although the state prison system of Pennsylvania allowed him to carry eagle feathers in the prisons to counsel and pray with the American Indian inmates. The state system has rejected legitimate federally recognized spiritual leaders and has kept them from entering the prison in the past. Mr. Smith admits to receiving $30 per hour to counsel and conduct ceremonies in the prisons. "I'm not a threat to society or to any human being," Mr. Smith said tearfully, as Senior Judge Gifford Capellini revoked Mr. Smith's probation and ordered him to jail. "I thought I was going home, and now they say I did these things,"Mr. Smith said. As judge Capellini removed probation he said, "Probation is not an appropriate sentence for you." While Mr. Smith claimed he was not a threat to society or any human being, he was being charged with 45 more counts of sexual misconduct. Mr. Smith was ordered to undergo psychological evaluation and attend sexual counseling. He is prohibited from having contact with a minor outside of the presence of a responsible adult.