Final Exam

OBJECTIVE: Identify the characteristics of being a twinkie and determine if they apply to you.

1. Put down your soda before proceeding.

2. Fasten your seatbelt.

3. Adjust your attitude.

4. The University assumes no responsibility for those who snort their sodas, fall off their chairs, get their panties in a twist, or in any way your attitude after reading this list.

5. If you spend much time around American Indians, you will discover that we have a deep dislike of New Age Crystal Waving Twinkies who shamelessly appropriate, distort, misuse and disrespect our culture.

6. Accordingly, if you want to get along with Indians, it is wise to avoid being a twinkie. The following test will help you determine if you're a twinkie.

7. The exam contains a list of behavior patterns that most of us have seen and have nudged each other over.  If these are offensive to anyone, skip the list, quit having a bad hair day and uncross your "i's" because we are doing what Indians everywhere have learned to do -- no matter what type of circumstances we are in, and that is to laugh with ourselves.

8. Read each statment carefully.

9. Determine if each statement applies to you. Select Yes or No after each statement.

10. Click the "Score My Twinkiness" button when you are done.

11. If you are ready click HERE to begin the final exam.