This is really Rick's Indian 101 page -- just in case you didn't know.

Osiyo and welcome to my Native Spirituality page!

My name is Crystal Spirit Wolf Runner. I am Cherokee and am very proud of my native roots. Since rediscovering them, I sought out the advice of a Choctaw Shaman who lives here in this area. He spent 2 months with the Lakota and they taught him all things -- he is now a Choctaw Holy Person. I too, now follow this path. I learned to respect the 4 legged people as well as the standing people of the forest.  The feathered people of the air also make my heart glad. In the sweat lodge I learned that I was to pray to my spirit guide -- Grandmother Moon. My psychic later told me that Grandma Moon was also the Virgin Mary -- and that I, Crystal Spirit Wolf Runner, was Elizabeth -- the mother of St John the Baptist -- in my past life.  I have learned that when I pray and smudge sage that the four directions should be acknowledged, and that I should also say a prayer for Wales and hope that the spirits of the Druids come back. I know, in my heart, that the Druids and Native Americans worshipped in the same way -- the Native Spirit tells me so. As I quested for a vision, I saw a wolf, and he told me that I should tell you of all the things that I know. The wolf's explanation for this was simple --  as a Native American, it was the noble thing to do and that the Grandfathers were angry at me for forgetting them.  As a Native person, I must share with you the Native American Religion. So after performing the Cherokee crystal ceremony in preparation for my hopeful Sun Dance, I decided to listen to the wolf and make this page.   My prayer for you is that we learn to live the natural, spiritual life for WE ARE ALL RELATED. 

I have recently become aware of criticism of a person named Rick Kerchee Powelson and his page of Indian (sic - Native American if you don't mind Rick) information. It is obvious to me that Rick has a lot of hate and anger in his life. His words are not of the Native Spirit.  It is obvious to me that he knows nothing of the native way and is not a Native American because he does not ACT like one. He must remember that our nobility and sacred nature will not permit sarcasm or humor. He should concentrate on spiritual things.

I have decided to apply to my state for recognition of my tribe -- The Reorganized Spiritual and Stoic Band of Reformed Cherokees. Though he is recognized by the Comanche Nation, I would hope that he would join us. If he continues in his criticism, I will come against him in the name of Wakan Tanka and will send lawyers to stop him. -- after many ceremonies of course. He must remember that Indian does not hurt Indian -- and I will hurt him to prove it. And if my Native ceremonies don't stop him, my Wiccan will.

So enough of this positive negativity.   Please enter my site and learn the secrets and signs and wonders that await you by learning the native spirituality. -- AHO.


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