So, you found the secret Twinkie link site. Let me begin this page by stating that these are my own opinions.  Also, I am not saying that these people are not Indian, some in fact are. However, all these sites have elements that are common to the whole Twinkie phenomonon.   It is up to you to decide for yourself what's going on with each of them. Enjoy.


All The World's a Stage

Oh thank the spirits that the True White Brother came here to destroy us and then re-teach all that they destroyed (Not that we still have our own elders or anything anymore)

Nierica - the Sacred Doorway  -- The Mother of all Twinkie sites! If North American Indians won't help you, then maybe the Mexican will. States that he had an 11 year "apprenticeship" with the Huichol Indians of Mexico and is now a shaman. You can even perform ceremonies on-line, and they do!

Shamanism in Ecofeminism -- I love this.  Hasn't realized that native women are strong without being shaman.  Studied 4.5 years with a Sami (Finnish natives) shaman.   A penpal in Finland sent me this one where they are actually fighting this same battle. Can you believe it?

The Red Pathway , Native American Medicine & Philosophy -- Barf, puke!

Nativemix Home Page -- Very appropriate name. Take 2 parts Indian, 1 part Wicca, add a dash of Egyptian mysticism and there you have it!

BLUEWOLFNH's Home Page -- Wants to be a wolf.  Maybe he should visit Lon Chaney Jr.

The path to The Village of The Eagle -- The path to the Twinkie Roller Coaster Ride!

Back To Basics -- After you learn all she has to teach you, make sure you buy some crap from her store.

Journey Back to the Heart! -- Journey back to the $15.00 dollar T-shirt sale. Buy some tapes. Nothing worse than an Indian playing up to the Twinkie audience.

A Place of the Heart Spiritual Center: Peaceful Healing -- Contributions are always welcome

The Talking Stick -- Another twink gonna tell us all about it! I think someone hit her in the head with a talking stick!

AN INDIAN PRAYER -- Add to it the explanation that Indian people who were destroyed by the white man will also be save by them.  Read "The Mystery of the True-White Brother. I cannot in any dispute the Hopi basis he uses as his reasoning as I know nothing of the Hopi culture, but I am highly suspicious. You'll understand after you read.

RUNNING DEER'S HOME PAGE -- I think this deer has been running way too hard!

Lakota -- I have nothing remotely resembling Lakota here at all.  Unless, of course, the Lakota practiced yoga, Tai Chi, and used Norse Runes.


A Paler Shade of A.I.M.

The self-apponted leaders of Twinkie rights.

Home of Rain Dancer -- Wannabe Rights Headquarters.  Thinks the Lakota are just being selfish and then makes sure that they understand their own culture!

warrior98's Home Page


Cherokees 'R' Us

Wakaakta's Home -- More "Cherkokee" dribble

Trail of the Coyote Spirit


SheWolfs Den -- Wants to be a wolf.   I think werewolf is probably more like it.

Medicine Wheel -- Watched too much Billy Jack. Even has the theme music on his page.

Antonia's Place

Lost Lakotas (aka the Costner Crowd)

LITTLE ELK -- This one...This one is so sad.  See it for yourself.  Identity crisis central.  Has changed her sexual preference at least 3 times since I first came across her site.  This is too much!

Enki's Native American Pages -- Man, the Lakotas sure are generous!

Welcome to Windhorse! -- Another page sure to piss off the Lakota.

The Lodge of Sung'manitu-Isna...A Tribute to the Oglala Lakota People -- This one is sneaky. Never claims to be Indians, yet suggests that he is. But it does not stop him from telling you all about the Lakotas from society to religion. All stuff you can find out in a book -- Oh yeah, that's where he got his information too.

Greywolf's Den -- Ummmm, what? Let's hope he goes into hibernation.


The Totally Confused

Silver Moonsong -- Am I a witch or an Indian?  I know...I'm an Indian witch!

Dream Seekers Lodge -- Buddhist Environmentalist that admires us, but mom was part Crow, yet refers to NDNs in the third person.

The Realm of Philosophy -- ????????