Links the Have Nothing to do with Indians Whatsoever


Music Links

The Beatles Midis and More -- My Beatles page.

Musician's Friend Home Page -- The best place for mail order musical equipment. -+- The Archive of Misheard Lyrics -- Ever screwed up the lyrics to a song?  Do you still think that Electric Light Orchestra is singing "Medieval Woman" instead of "Evil Woman"?  This site will really make you laugh!

All Music Guide -- Need to find what album that song came from? What year was it released? Who were the band members during those years? This is the place to go.

MXTABS -- You can find guitar, bass, and drum tabs here. Huge selection!

The Bass Tab Archive -- Tabs for bass and only bass!

Pollstar -- Find concert dates for your favorite stars and even local bands.


Sports Links

NFL.COM -- Official Site of the National Football League. The page I visit most often.

NHL.COM -- Official Site of the National Hockey League

NBA.COM -- Official Site of the National Basketball Association

MLB.COM -- Official site of Major League Baseball -- Official Site of Major League Soccer

Dallas -- Official Site of the Dallas Cowboys

Dallas -- Official Site of the Dallas Stars

Dallas -- Official Site of the Dallas Mavericks

Texas -- Official Site of the Texas Rangers

FC -- Official Site of the Football Club Dallas (Dallas Burn)

Mack Brown Texas Football -- Official Site of Texas Longhorns Football


Snow Skiing Links -- Portal site for Breckenridge, Vail, Keystone, Beaver Creek, and Heavenly

Monarch Ski and Snowboard Area

Ski Cooper

Arapahoe Basin

Crested Butte

Winter Park

Copper Mountain


Computer Related Links

-- See some real truth concerning AOL

  --Check here for great dog and cat clipart!

Welcome to AMD -- AMD Processors are the best; I don't care what Intel says.

Welcome to Intel -- Hey, gotta be balanced!

Download mIRC -- mIRC is is really good chat program.

Eudora Light -- I use Microsoft Outlook (Gates owns my soul), but if you don't like it, this is a fairly good program.

StreetPrices -- One of the sites I go to to find the lowest prices on parts.

Price Watch -- Probably the best place to find the lowest prices.

CPU Central -- Another of my hardware info sites

Tom's Hardware Guide

Anand's Hardware Tech Page -- Probably the most informative site on the web -- Good site for shareware, drivers, tips, and information.

Adobe Acrobat Reader for Windows

RealNetworks - The Home of Streaming Media

Go!Zilla Monster Downloads - Download Files From Fastest Site / Resume Broken Downloads

ICQ - The World's Largest Online Communication Network

Netscape Navigator Download Site


AltaVista: Translations -- This is just too cool. Talking to someone from a foreign country and want to talk to them in their own language? Let AltaVista do the translating for you! I have a penpal in Italy and it is really fun to write her in Italian.

Theme World -- Desktop Themes


Free Web Hosting Services and HTML related sites

Want to make your own web site but don't know where to start? Check out these sites.

FortuneCity: 20MB Free Web Space and Free Email




Web Spigots -- Pre-made Java applets. Some really cool ones!


Gaming Links

Rick's Descent Basic Training -- While Descent is basically a dead game (meaning that it is old, I still maintain this site as it is the first web site I ever created. It used to get a lot of hits once upon a time and I was very proud of it. Just there for nostalgia...I just can't let go!)

GameSpot -- Information on just about any game imaginable.

MAME32 home page -- Miss those old arcade games from the 80s? Wanna play Asteroids, Centipede, Gorf, and Phoenix the way you remember them? Well check out this site. It is great!

GameSpy -- GameSpy is a really cool tool to find active on-line gaming servers.

File Planet -- Comprehensive site for game patches.


Misc Links

Book-A-Minute -- No time to read?  Then catch up on all your reading in an hour.

Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guide

Kelley Blue Book -- Auto pricing guide

Laws for British Sportscar -- Ever owned a British sports car?  I did -- a 1967 MGB convertible. EVERYTHING this site says is true!

The Hoaxkill service: Let's get rid of hoaxes now! -- There are so many internet hoaxes and urban legends now, I am glad that someone did this. If you are really concerned that someone will remove your kidneys or that the Goodtimes virus will get you, please go here.


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