35 Undeniable Indian Truths

1. Each Indian tribe is unique, each with its own customs, beliefs, and ways. Lakotas and Cherokees ARE different.

2. Those who try to dress and act the most Indian are those who have the least amount of Indian blood.

3. The reservation system and continued government dependence keeps Indian people from prosperity. We must learn self-sufficiency.

4. The key to Indian success is education and embracing the culture and core beliefs of their tribe.

5. There is no such thing as a singular Native American religion.

6. Indians do not "worship" the Earth.

7. Indians are no more special or sacred than any other people. Indians truly are humans like everyone else.

8. Indians cannot turn into animals.

9. I'm pretty sure that Adam and Eve were Cherokees. The world seems populated with them.

10. Those who claim to "want to live the sacred and natural life" would be the last one's to give up their car, television, 3 bedroom 2 car 2½ bath home, or their computer.

11. Being half-white has its advantages. When I was little, I was the only kid in the neighborhood who could play Cowboys and Indians all by myself.

12. Tribalism (as it was in the pre-1900s) will not work in the 21st century.

13. Indian history did not stop in 1890.

14. History has been unfair to Indian people. Revisionist history is unfair to white people.

15. Not all Indians look like Plains Indians.

16. Indians must learn to blend in with mainstream America, yet retain their Indian identity. If we go too far either way, we will disappear as a people.

17. White buffaloes are not considered sacred to all Indian people. You know what Comanches say about a white buffalo calf? Let's eat him. -- aayy

18. I am not arrogant.

19. Porky Pig being chased by a little Indian guy is funny.

20. Indian people who commit crimes are not misunderstood or victims of the white man. They are criminals.

21. Indian people are not stoic and mysterious.

22. We do not consider trees to be "people".

23. Marijuana was not smoked in the "peace pipe". Ganja is not indigenous to the Americas. Oddly enough, it was brought here from India! To the hippie types: If you want to smoke grass in the name of religion, Native Americans are the wrong people to talk to. Go see the Rastas (hey guys, sorry to send them your way, but hey, better you than us -- ayyy.)

24. AIM does not speak for all Indian people any more that Jesse Jackson speaks for all black people.

25. Indians and NewAgers have nothing in common.

26. Indian movies almost invariably turn out to really be about white people (Man Called Horse, Dances with Wolves, Thunder Heart).

27. To all the wannabes -- It's ok to be white -- really.

28. Wannabes are either:

    (a) Aging hippies who have not splashed down

    (b) Charlatans trying to make a buck

    (c) Boy Scouts who have not grown up

    (d) Newagers with an absolutely distorted view of Indian culture

    (e) Those who believe that to be white is an inherited sin

29. Walker Texas Ranger and Kevin Costner are not Indian role models.

30. Indian Tacos and cherry limeade (although delicious) are not traditional foods.

31. There was a reason that old time Indians did not have a trash problem. It's easy when all your garbage is made of rock or is biodegradable.

32. Putting on feathers and hitting drums will not solve the world's problems.

33. Crystal use (as presented by NewAgers) is not traditional to any tribe.

34. One does not "smoke" peyote.

35. When Indians hear about the government's consternation over immigration policy, we just laugh.

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