Ode to Fry Bread

Indian Fortune Cookies

Q: Do you know what an NDN fortune cookie is?
A: A piece of fry bread with a food stamp stuck in it

Submitted by Erin Mitchell


Man-Eating Fry Bread

Q: How are Indian men and fry bread alike?
A: They're both round, brown and greasy!


Poem sung to the song, "Star Spangled Banner".

Oh, say could I have?
just a nip of fry bread
I would gladly go out
and compete jingle dress.

For some greasy fry bread
I would gladly play dead
I would even owl dance
with six hundred pound Uncle Fred.

And the drummers sung their songs
even though the words sung were wrong
gave proof through the night
that the fry bread craze was still strong

Oh, say that lard-drenched-with-jelly bread
will only be eaten by meeeeeeeeeeeeee
For the land of the greeeeeeeeeease and the home.... of the.... fluffy reds


Poem sung to Madonna's "Lucky Star"

You must be oily fry bread
'Cause you drip on me and the back of bald heads
I just think of you and I start to drool
And I think I'll buy ten pieces you know

Starlight, Starbright first fry bread seen tonight
Starlight, Starbright make powwows be alright (repeat)

You must drive a cool rez car
'Cause it hasn't yet stopped when it travels really far
I just think of you as the fry bread gets burned
And the concession lines start goin' berserk (chorus)


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