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Businesses that Have Pissed Me Off

Well, why is this section here? We have all had businesses that have managed to really get under your collar for one reason or another. Everything from financial institutions that have fouled up your accounts to bigoted sales clerks. You try to work with them, but they still end up being the bumbling, rude, or greedy businesses that they have already presented themselves as. So, I have decided that in the interest of public service (and my own need to get even with those bastards), I will list those businesses that I have had some real problems with. Everything that I say here has actually happened, so for those of you businesses who are thinking that this is slander, all this has been documented and there are witnesses -- so get lost. Now I could have picked a more elegant or politically correct title for this section, but we all know how I feel about doing that now don't we?

  Howard Johnson's: Titusville, Florida.  When my wife and I were planning our recent trip to Florida to do Disney and see the shuttle lift-off, we called several hotels in the Cape Canaveral area -- Titusville being the town where most people seem to stay when going to the Kennedy Space Center. When we first called the Howard Johnson's, we were quoted a price of $43 a night. Normal price for a HoJo. We told them that we were going to check a few more places then get back with the. Well it turned out that this was the best price, so 24 hours later we called again and mystically the price jumped up to $70 a night! Now why did they do this? Oh yeah...because they knew we were coming for the shuttle launch. What was even worse, when we were in Orlando to go to Disney, we stayed at a four-star hotel called Riu Orlando for $77 per night! So HoJo, charged essentially the same price for their little motor inn, which I do not hesitate to tell you was not the model of cleanliness. The fridge stunk, the microwave was dirty, and the bathtub had a calcium buildup on the glass doors that would have cured several victims of osteoporosis! When I checked out and asked to speak to the manager, he was conveniently not there. This was price gouging at its worst. So, the moral of the story is...if you go to Kennedy Space Center..AVOID THE HOJO!


  E-Z Mart #227: Rose City, Texas.  When traveling to Florida, I obviously had to stop for gas every now and then. Well, as I came up to the E-Z Mart, they had the lowest prices around. No brainer, right? Well, the saying that you get what you pay for was painfully clear here. Apparently the "ladies" (who by the way were cigarette smoking, hee-haw talking,   members of some linear family tree who's idea of a good night was painting their faces with as much Maybeline as possible, going to the tractor pull with a 12 pack of "Milwaukee's Best" beer and trying to pick up a truck driver named Cletus) don't care for brown skinned people. Whether they knew I was Indian or thought I was Hispanic is irrelevant. You see they had a problem with turning on the gas pumps. So after waiting several minutes, I went inside to let them know I was out there. I was told (through a cloud of smoke), "You just wait a meenut..we're chaingin' sheefts." No prob I thought. Then a person of fairer complexion walks in and says, "I'm gonna fill 'er up."  To my utter shock, these paragons of Texas hospitality say, "Go right ahead, hon."  WHAT????????? Then several minutes later, they say, "Go on, get yur gas." My response is..I don't need your gas. Thank you. The attendant at the gas station down the road told us that those are the rudest people in town and you really don't know what kind of gas you're getting. But it was plain to me that they were nothing but rednecks. If you're an Indian or Hispanic...AVOID. BTW...I have nothing against smokers, I am one.


This section will be updated as need be.


The Powwow Phases of Rick


Can't stand it anymore! Gotta get to Oklahoma. At the powwow. Trying to develop the hybrid "Fancy Straight Dance"

After the 49.

From approximately 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. Get ready to go back to the dance. Repeat phases 2 through 5 for three day powwows. Satisfied once again. I might be able to handle it for another 3 weeks.

= Eating. It is not a phase unto itself, but rather an ever-present theme at powwows.

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