5 Oct 04

Alright, so I lied on 31 May 03. But, I actually did dome stuff today. I mainly closed down some things that haven't work in a good long time. I plan to do some revamping of the site...not sure what yet. It will be a work in progress.

31 May 03

Fixed a lot of stuff this week! Updated the portal page, fixed the foreign language links, fixed this page, fixed the joke form, and updated my e-mail address which changed a good year ago. Now, I really wasn't trying to avoid any of you, I'm just ambivalent...not really. Just way behind. I will continue getting the site updated over the course of the next several weeks. I even have an idea popping into my head for a new article....stay tuned.

13 Oct 01

Well, I finally got around to working on the site. Since the last time I did, Gold Stats quite offering free stats, the news hasn't been updated, and we are at war. As you can imagine, ever since 11 Sep, my mind has been on other things that this site. It seems so unimportant now. But, I fish to continue the Indian News Service. Since I hadn't updated the news in a while, there's plenty there to keep you busy.

21 Apr 01

Had to rebuild the news page as it had gotten corrupted. Bummer. But everything seems to work well now.

14 Apr 01

I don't know what's been happening, but I have had a lot of problems lately getting the news update. Hopefully, I can solve the problem soon. Thanks for your patience.

9 Feb 01

New feature added....The Campus Store!  I wish I could take credit for the writing there. A friend sent me that a long time ago, but I do not know the actual author is. If anyone does, please let me know so I can give him/her the appropriate credit. 

7 Feb 01

Well.  I finally seem to have everything working now. Even the Electives page is in standards -- except for my Top Cats...they must stay. Now maybe I can write some new articles.

4 Feb 01

The links page has been updated.

9 January 01

The site got horribly messed up during my last update.  Not sure whether Microsoft or Tripod is to blame at this point, but I would lay odds that it is Microsoft. Please bear with me as I fix this mess.

8 January 01

Well, I'm back from Christmas Holiday. The site is updated, however, I am going to have to permanently change the way I do the news. In all actuality, it's a case of what's old is new again. When I first started this site, I posted the news weekly. Well, guess what, I'm going back to that as I just don't have time to do it daily anymore. Those of you who have been coming here for a while will remember the weekly posts. Those who are new will get used to it. The faculty appreciates your understanding.

19 December 00

Joke, Mail-List sign up, and URL Announcement forms are once again operational.

12 December 00

News is updated.

15 November 00

Ok, I know I got behind on the news, but always check, because sooner or later I will have it posted. I had to reinstall Windows, and I never got around to putting Frontpage back on my machine until the other day. More pressing issue dontcha know. Anyway, things are back to normal, and the news should appear regularly once again. Sorry about the delay.

15 October 00

The news is now available on the current events page.


13 October 00

Indian 101 course is still in reconstruction and development. Progress was slowed into the Professors intense research into strategies and techniques needed to defeat the medieval battle simulation known as Diablo II. Research is complete and work on Indian 101 can proceed. Summary of changes:

Minor adjustments were made to the Research Links page. All non-Indian related links were removed and put on the electives page. Web rings were moved from the Honorarium page to the Research links page.

The Honorarium page is complete. The Indian 101 Magna Cum Laude Award is a reality. After over 3 years of promising the award from the "Rick's Indian Stuff/Rick's Indian 101", now known as Indian 101 website, the faculty finally made this happen. 

The Indian 101 Discussion Board and Indian Chat pages have been combined into one page called "Student Center". For the time being, Bravenet Internet Services will continue to host the Discussion Board and Chat. The Discussion Board will remain a feature of Indian 101, but may migrate to local hosting. The future of the chat room is in doubt, however. I really have no idea if it is ever used...I know I have never used it. Its usefulness is in question. I will give it another couple of months and see what happens. The Discussion Board itself has not been revamped, but that is soon coming.

The news can presently be found on USENET at alt.native (actually it's been there for many months now).  This is a temporary solution until it can be transferred back to Indian 101. 

8 September 00

The Indian 101 course is still under reconstruction and development. Progress is steady, but will take some time. You will still find some of the old format in places, resources (such as forms and e-mail addresses) that are not yet available, internal and external links not functioning, and the like. And the News....well just forget about that for a while. One thing you'll notice is the deletion of music on every page. While I did like all those Beatles midis, their deletion will provide quicker loading. In addition, with a greater focus on the theme of a college course, it was inappropriate. When the site was a little less formal the music was fine. It just doesn't fit the new format. The faculty appreciates your patience.

Once again, the faculty appreciates your patience.

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